HCC SIERRA / BOLT ACTION Silicone Mold 4 Cavity

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HCC Sierra 4 Cavity
HCC SIERRA / BOLT ACTION Silicone Mold 4 Cavity


      If you love making pens and are looking for something different to make your pens more unique, look no further. With the Premium Silicone Casting Mold, you can cast your own custom blanks the way you want them instead of having to settle for pre-made cast blanks. Handcrafted using premium silicone rubber and cast in a vacuum chamber to ensure the mold is free of bubbles, this premium silicone casting mold is guaranteed to provide long life and dependable service with proper use and care.
      With the Premium Casting Mold, you can cast "tube-in" and solid blanks. The "tube-in" casting method allows you to attach decorative materials to the brass tube such as snakeskin, leather, decorative paper, decals, stickers, and stamps. Or you can paint the tubes; the only limit is your imagination. To cast solid blanks, simply insert the tapered plugs (eyelet screw removed) small end first into the inside hole until the large end of the plug is flush with the inside the mold and you're ready to cast solid blanks.
      You can cast up to 4 blanks at a time and each mold is supplied with 8 reusable silicone plugs to plug the tube ends. This mold can also be used in a pressure vessel without worry of the resin leaking into the tubes. 
    For tube-in casting, mold can be used with any Bolt Action, Artisan Aero, or Sierra (or similar) pen kit with a tube length no longer than 2-7/16 long with an inside diameter no larger than .39"(9.63mm) or smaller than .32"(8.17mm).
This specific mold can be used with any "Sierra Style" pen kit, aka, Sierra Vista, Sienna, Gatsby twist BP kit, Sedona, Apprentice Classica Twist Kit, Nautical Twist Kit, Gearshift Kit, Phoenix Rising Twist Kit, Vertex Magnetic Kit, PSI Southwest Twist Kit, Wall street II Twist BP, Elegant Beauty Twist BP Kit, Lancer Twist Kit, Virage Twist pen kit, PSI Art Deco Twist pen kit, PSI Majestic Squire Twist pen kit, PSI Naouveau Scepter Twist pen kit, Artisan Aero pen kit as well as many, many other pen kits including any of the various Bolt Action kits. As long as the tube length is no more than 2.38" (2 7/16") long and the largest inner diameter is no greater than (.39 inches or 9.63mm ) and no less than (.32 inches or 8.17mm ), this mold will be compatible. 
***Each silicone mold will come with 8 silicone plugs to fit in the holes***

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    Made my first blank using this mold and it turned out just as I required. Works very well.

    Posted by Roger Coulter on Apr 8th 2018

    Will be ordering more of these in different sizes.