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You are purchasing an original Hobby-Cast Brand Mold. Now you can cast your own tube in blanks. These Molds are great for Epoxy Resin, PR polyester Resin, Alumilite, Hobby Cast and most other resins on the market. These high quality molds can stand up to the pressures needed in a pressure pot to disapate the bubbles and have a bubble free clear cast. These Molds are reusable over and over and do not need a mold release to demold the finished product however it is recommend to use a mold realease to increase the longevity of the mold. Each mold will come with enough stoppers to complete the set. We have molds available for Jr series, Bolt/Sierra Series, Slimline Series and also solid casts. Check out our other quality Mold Products.. Each mold is degassed before pouring to ensure a bubble free quality mold that will last.

This specific mold is designed to make the blanks for the popular SLIMLINE pen kit and will work with another pen kit with similar size tubes. 

***Each mold will come with 8 silicone plugs, enough to plug each hole***